Integrated Systems for Millimeter Wavelength

The IUSS (Universitary Institute for Advanced Studies) has been created in 1997 in Pavia in agreement with the Memorandum of Agreement signed between MIUR (University and Reasearch Italian Ministry) and the University of Pavia. Since 2005 July, 8th, IUSS has been formally recognized as “Scuola Superiore ad ordinamento speciale”. The mission of IUSS is mainly that of providing high level educational programs, aimed at the best international standards and focousing specific fields of mostly relevant interest (technically and culturally speaking) at the different university levels (bachelor, master, doctorate). The IUSS is also committed to scientific progress, developing qualified scientific research programs.
The Philosophy Doctorate studies are tightly related to research, because candidates are required to carry on an original research activity toward their graduation. For this reason, IUSS also takes part to research programs: since 2006, IUSS participates to the new specific Ph.D. course in “microelectronics”, jointly activated with University of Pavia and in reference to the competences and context existing in the city area (academic and industrial). In this proposed Memorandum of Agreement, the IUSS will act as an individual research Unit, developing a research task activity in the field of high speed integrated circuits and techniques at millimeter waves, for communication systems at bit rate higher than 1Gb/s. The research activities will involve two researchers, respectively expert in microwaves and CMOS RF integrated circuit design, who will guarantee to the Unit the necessary competences in methodologies, in system architectures, and in circuit design concerns.
The IUSS will be also collaborate with the other Units for disseminating the adequate information of the activities, kwnoledge, and results and for addressing to the “microelectronics” field the best young persons.

Federico Montecchi (coordinator)
Paolo Arcioni
Francesco Svelto