Catherine Dehollain – Dept. of Electrical Engineering – EPFL Lausanne.
Catherine Dehollain (M’93) received the M.Sc. degree in electrical Engineering in 1982 and the Ph.D. degree in 1995, both from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland. From 1982 to 1984, she was a Research Assistant at the Electronics Laboratories (LEG), EPFL, where she was engaged in designing switched capacitor filters and studying MOS transistor modeling. In 1984, she joined the Motorola European Center for Research and Development, Geneva, Switzerland, where she designed integrated circuits applied to telecommunications. In 1990, she joined EPFL as a Senior Assistant at the "Chaire des Circuits et Systémes" (CIRC) where she was involved in impedance broadband matching. Since 1995, she has been responsible at the RFICs Group, EPFL, for RF activities. She has been the technical project manager of the European projects, CTI projects, and the Swiss National Science Foundation projects dedicated to RF wireless micropower sensor networks and mobile phones. Since 1998, she has been a Lecturer at EPFL in the area of RF circuits, electric filters, and CAD tools. Since 2006, she has been a "Maître d’Enseignement et de Recherche" (MER), EPFL. She is an author or coauthor of four scientific books and 50 scientific publications. Her current research interests include low-power analog circuits, biomedical remotely powered sensors, and electric filters.

Siddik B. Yarman – Dept. of Electrical-Electronics Eng. – Istanbul University.
Binboga Siddik Yarman (F’04) received the B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, in 1974, the M.E.E.E. degree in electro-math from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, in 1977, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering math from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, in 1982. He was Member of the Technical Staff at Microwave Technology Centre, RCA David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, NJ (1982–1984), an Associate Professor at Anadolu University, Eskis¸ehir, Turkey, an Associate Professor at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey (1985–1987), a Visiting Professor and Research Fellow of Alexander Von Humboldt, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany (1987–1994), the Founding Technical Director and Vice President of STFA Defense Electronic Corporation, Istanbul, Turkey (1986–1996), a Full Professor, Chair of Div. of Electronics, Chair of Defense Electronics, Director of Technology and Science School at Istanbul University (1990–1996), the Founding President of Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey (1996–2004), the Chief Advisor in Charge of Electronic and Technical Security Affairs to the Prime Ministry Office of Turkey (1996–2000). He holds four U.S. patents (1985–1986), has authored more than 100 technical papers, technical reports in the field of design of matching networks and microwave amplifiers, mathematical models for any systems, speech and biomedical signal processing (since 1982). He rejoined Istanbul University in October 2004. He spent the year of 2006–2007 on sabbatical at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Yarman received the Young Turkish Scientist Award, National Research Council of Turkey (NRCT) (1986), the International Man of the Year in Science and Technology, Cambridge Biography Center of U.K. (1998), the Member Academy of Science of New York (1994). Since 2004, he has been the Chairman of the Science Commission in charge of the development of the Turkish Rail Road Systems of Ministry of Transportation.

Jean-Baptiste Begueret – COFI Dept. – University Bordeaux 1.
Jean-Baptiste Begueret (M’99) received the M.S. degree in electronics in 1990 and the PhD degree in 1996, both from the University of Bordeaux, France. In 1997, he joined IXL, the microelectronics laboratory of University of Bordeaux, France, as an assistant professor, becoming associate professor in 1999 with the IC Design Team, where he leads the "High-Speed Mixed IC" Team since 2000. Since 2005, he is the head of this "IC Design Team". In 2006, he became a full professor in this University. His research interests are in silicon, SiGe and SOI IC design for RF (up to 80 GHz) and high-speed data link (up to 40 Gbps) applications. He has been a member of the Technical Program Committee (TPC) of the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuit Conference (CICC). In 2002, he received the Best Paper Award at the "Asian Pacific Microwave Conference" in Japan. Since 2004, he joined the RF subcommittee of the TPCs of the IEEE Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM), RFIT (IEEE International Workshop on Radio-Frequency Integration Technology) and ICECS (IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems). He is co-author of more than 100 publications in international conferences, 18 articles in major journals, and 10 patents. In 2006, he is Technical Program Chair of the IEEE ICECS conference hold in Nice, and in 2007, he will be General Chair of IEEE PRIME conference in Bordeaux.