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Prof. Franco Maloberti

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Dear Member of the IEEE Division I Societies,

Thanks for visiting my website. The choice between valid candidates does not depend only on what promised in the statements, which is often the list of good intentions. What is needed is also to ascertain the professional and technical characteristics suitable for the expected responsibilities.

As you can see from the curriculum, I spent a period in the USA, first as J. Kilby Chair Professor since 2000, the same year in which Kilby received the Nobel Prize in Physics, and then in UT Dallas again as Chair Professor. Before going to the USA, I had an intense industrial collaboration activity, with ITALTEL, ST Microelectronics, and AMS. In the USA, I worked as a consultant with TI. On my return to Italy, I had an excellent collaboration with National Semiconductors. The result is a contemporary knowledge of academic and industrial problems.

On the WEB site, which summarizes about fifty years of activity in electronic engineering, you will find the long list of my publications (more than six hundred) in journals and conference proceedings, books, book chapters, and patents (39). Thus, as you can see, I'm quite productive with 455 products on IEEE media. But I think this feature is not the only element to consider. For more information, you can visit the Miscellanea and Presentations sections. In these two sections, some items describe my interests in the social importance of our profession, both academic and industrial.

In particular, I point out, in Miscellanea, "Evaluation of Electronics Research in Finland," which is part of the report submitted to the Academy of Finland in 1997 and the short essay "Doing Research in Knowledge-Based Societies" which partially incorporates the same concepts. In the Presentations, you can find collections of slides, some amusing, which often discuss the role of electronics in modern society.

I hope this long introduction hasn't bored you. Thank you again for your attention and ... best regards,


Short Biography

Franco Maloberti received the Laurea degree in physics (summa cum laude) from the University of Parma, Parma, Italy, in 1968, and the Doctorate Honoris Causa in electronics from the Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica (Inaoe), Puebla, Mexico, in 1996. He was a Visiting Professor at The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-PEL), Zurich, Switzerland and at the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. He was the TI/J.Kilby Chair Professor at the A&M University, Texas and the Distinguished Microelectronic Chair Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. Presently he is Professor of Microelectronics and Head of the Micro Integrated Systems Group, University of Pavia, Italy. His professional expertise is in the design, analysis, and characterization of integrated circuits and analog digital applications, mainly in the areas of switched-capacitor circuits, data converters, interfaces for telecommunication and sensor systems, and CAD for analog and mixed A/D design. He has written more than 600 published papers on journals or conference proceedings, ten books, and holds 39 patents. Dr. Maloberti was the recipient of the XII Pedriali Prize for his technical and scientific contributions to national industrial production, in 1992. He was co-recipient of the 1996 Institute of Electrical Engineers Fleming Premium, the best Paper award, ESSCIRC-2007, and the best paper award, IEEJ Analog Workshop-2007 and 2010. He was the President of the IEEE Sensor Council from 2002 to 2003 and Vice-President, Region 8, of the IEEE CAS Society from 1995 to 1997 and an Associate Editor of IEEE TCAS-II. He was serving as VP-Publications of the IEEE CAS Society 2007-2008. He was distinguished lecturer of the IEEE Solid State Circuits Society 2009-2010 and distinguished lecturer of the Circuits and Systems Society 2012-2013. He received the 1999 IEEE CAS Society Meritorious Service Award, the 2000 CAS Society Golden Jubilee Medal, and the 2000 IEEE Millennium Medal. He received the IEEE CAS Society 2013 Mac Van Valkenburg Award. He is an IEEE Fellow. In 2009 he received the title of Honorary Professor of the University of Macau and he is currently the chairman of the Academic Committee of the Microelectronics Key-Lab of Macau. He has been President of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society in the term 2016-2017 and past-President during 2018-2019.

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